Personalized and educational.

When you hire us to inspect your home, you're also getting an in-depth session with a home inspector who will walk you through the home with a trained eye.

More than a report. Our home inspection sessions are educational and our reports are detailed, designed to help you make an informed decision.

Protecting your home starts with preparation.

We like to be careful working within your potential new home and so wearing masks, as requested, and protective shoe covers is something we always offer clients prior to booking! 


“John was all that and more. He was very communicative when scheduling the inspection, he explained exactly what he was going to do and how long it would take, and he was upfront with the price for the inspection and the termite certificate.”
Christina Cambria

Step One. Book your home inspection with us.

The first step to ensure you're making the right buying decision, or preparing for a sell, is to reach out and book your home inspection.

We will communicate prior to gather preliminary details about the home before our visit.

Step Two. Home inspection and fast reporting delivery.

Your home inspection with us will generally take about two hours and we'll educate you on nice-to-knows or flag concerns as we walk through the space. Following the inspection, we aim to provide your detailed insights report within 12-24 hours of the inspection. Never an hour later than the 24th hour!

Home Inspections

Before Your Invest... Let Us Inspect. Buy with confidence.