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We help you make informed decisions about your home. GMG Inspections is offering home inspection services in Long Island, NY. Homeowners seeking an independent third party to help them make decisions about whether or not the house they are thinking of purchasing needs any repairs before it becomes their forever-home will be interested in what GMG has planned for them!
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Long Island Home Inspections

There are many aspects that are considered when buying the perfect home for you and your family, but buying the property of your dreams might not be as easy as it appears. Oftentimes, a property that might seem like a safe choice can prove to be a painful burden in the future without the insight to make an informed decision. Buying a home is the largest investment most families make in their lifetime! You’d want to have all the available information to make a decision on your biggest life investment, wouldn’t you?

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How We Work

So you landed on this page and need a home inspection. Learn more about how we work over at GMG Inspections, providing best-in-class home inspections Long Island and Queens residents depend on when considering to buy or sell their home.

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Our Services

GMG Inspections provides full service inspection for various types of housing situations, including commercial inspections. Our expert Long Island and Queens home inspectors are fully trained and insured to give you the information you need to make informed building and housing decisions.


Learn about condo and co-op inspections.


Find out what slows down the sale a home.

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Let's make sure your purchase is a good one.


Learn more about termite inspections.

Helping Customers Ensure A Safe Home

Let’s suppose you purchase a well-furnished, ideally-situated, and beautifully renovated piece of property that seems like a good value for money, except you move in to find it poorly ventilated with substandard plumbing and a weak foundation. That “great investment” can turn into a money pit fairly quickly without a thorough and detailed inspection. To prevent this from happening you need to have a team of experts on your side who not only know what you are looking for, but are able to help you in your journey of buying your actual dream home. If you are planning on buying a “forever” home in New York, but are worried that all of your life savings might go to waste with one wrong choice, look no further than GMG Inspections to help guide you through making the right purchase. In the city of Long Island home inspections, it requires both an expert evaluation and comprehensive assessment to assist you in buying your dream house for your family and loved ones.

Aside from providing best-in-class inspections for home buyers to assist in making an economical purchase for a residential home, we also examine houses for termite inspections, conduct condo inspections, pre-sale inspections for sellers, and inspections for commercial real estate. Inspecting large-scale facilities and institutions for structural deformities and termites is one of our specialties. By analyzing a home’s tiniest details, we ensure that everything is in accordance to your choice and personal standards by our licensed and insured specialists.

What Our Customers Say

From real estate agents, sellers, homeowners, to first-time home buyers, we are there for our customers every step of the way.

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John was very thorough and professional during the inspection. He also provided helpful advice during the process, and my wife and I were impressed with his service. Further, he followed up with a comprehensive report very early the next morning which was important for our process. Thank you GMG Inspections! I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing a home inspection.
Michael Kowalczuk
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John was amazing. It was my first time buying a house and he did the inspection for me. He gave me a book that explained all the lingo and what to look for. He provided remedies on how to fix issues in the house and he was able to help connect me with the right people to do the jobs. He inspected a second house for me as well! So timely to answer my messages and always answers my millions of questions. Highly recommend!
Colleen Conaty
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John from GMG did a pre-purchase home inspection. He was right on time, very personable, thorough, and provided good insight on the particulars of the property. He also used a drone to view the roof and did a termite inspection. I was very happy with his services and would highly recommend him.
Rondi Jamison

Why GMG Inspections?

Trusted, licensed and insured home inspectors in Suffolk County, Nassau County, and Queens

Skilled Inspectors

GMG Inspections takes pride in providing state-of-the-art home inspection services with not only licensed and insured but also skilled and professional inspectors. Our staff goes through improved education and advanced technical training, allowing them to better assess the home and provide expert advice to homeowners and buyers.

Comprehensive Reporting

Our trained team of experts specializes in providing a comprehensive inspection report, including complete imagery of the site. Our inspectors provide homeowners with a detailed inspection report, and walk them through every tiny indication of a flaw or defect in the building.

Trusted By Our Customers

Through our dedication, integrity, and ingenuity, we have managed to place our company at the top of the charts as the most trusted home inspectors, not only in New York, but elsewhere, too. Through our remarkable customer aid, affordability, and quality in service, we have easily become the choice and referral of our customers, as we were the top-rated inspection company by our customers in Long Island home inspection reviews.

Affordable Home and Building Inspections

We not only offer the most satisfactory home inspection Queens, Nassau County and Suffolk County homeowners can find, but what business owners choose, as they serve them with unbeatable market rates. We yearn to provide affordable residential home and building inspections, while abiding by the highest industry standards and code of ethics.

Did you know we invest in real estate?

GMG Inspections is an extension of our parent company GMG Investment Properties, a real estate investment and management firm. At GMG Investment Properties, we focus on investing in value-add Multi-Family Real Estate Properties. The GMG Team manages the entire investment process including underwriting, financing, acquisition, construction/renovation and property management. Our mission is to provide quality apartments at affordable prices.

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GMG Inspection Projects

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