Expect Only the Best from Us.

Our in-depth reporting and focus on involving the client with the education around their insights is what sets us apart as a leading home inspection company on Long Island, servicing Nassau and Suffolk Counties, as well as Queens.

Blending tech and modern practices with traditional, client-first customer service. We maximize the insights of your home inspection reporting while educating homeowners on their individual case.

Electrical & HVAC Inspection

Ensuring proper ventilation, energy efficiency, and safety.

Fast Reporting Delivery

Guaranteed 12-24 hour turnaround of completed, in-depth reports.

Plumbing Inspection

We test for proper water flow and pipe functionality.

Roof Inspection

We use drone and physical examination to determine the condition of your roof.

Structural Inspections

Validating the structural integrity of your building and/or home.

Termite Inspection

We check in and around your home for termite damage or active sites.

Home Inspections

Before Your Invest... Let Us Inspect. Buy with confidence.