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Proudly inspecting condos and homes for termites throughout Queens, Nassau County, and Suffolk County area.

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"John from GMG did a pre-purchase home inspection.He was right on time, very personable, very thorough, and provided good insight on the particulars of the property. He also used a drone to view the roof and did a termite inspection. I was very happy with his services and would highly recommend him."
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Termite Inspections

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Do you suspect you have a termite problem? Do you have doubts regarding termite growth and its presence in your house? Well, GMG Inspections has the solution to prevent termite growth altogether. With the help of our expert termite inspector Queens residents trust, we could identify termite occurrence before it ever becomes out of your control. Termites are insects that could cause severe and lasting damage to your property, even before your recognition of their presence.

For the US alone, statistics show that the annual loss caused by termites is in the billions. Suppose you observe that you have a termite problem, and in that case you must order professional termite inspection service immediately. Essentially, it is far better to spend some money identifying the termite problem than spending thousands of dollars on the repair and replacement of affected articles in your house.

You should prioritize termite inspection over eradication because it forms the basis of the prevention measures taken after that. For those of you who are residing in Queens and Long Island, we have good news for you. Our Long Island and Queens termite inspection is a service also offered as pre-sales inspections, because you deserve to live in the total comfort of your house. After you have ordered the termite inspection service from us, our trained termite inspector or technician would contact you to locate signs of both dry wood and subterranean termites. The duration of the entire search procedure depends on the size of your house. After a thorough examination of the home, our termite inspector would communicate the results to you in detail.

Termite Inspections

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If you’re wondering how to ensure that a house is termite-free, our team represses your doubt with its termite inspection services. When you order this service, we send a termite inspector to your house to conclude the existence of a present termite infestation. While remaining undetectable, these insects eat wood from the inside, continuing to feed on cellulose until they grow larger in population. The signs or pointers of termites are minute, and inspection experts, such as those from GMG Inspection, could only detect them when they are in the early phases of their infestation. Considering the damage inflicted by a termite infestation, we have already discussed that the loss caused by termites becomes evident when it is done. They cause structural damage to your furniture and wood articles, which could only be undone by disposing of the property. It could also be the case that a termite infestation was present, but has now ended due to prior pest control measures.

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"I was very pleased with John, he was quick to do the inspection and very thorough."
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At this point, even if you remain unconvinced and question the need for a condo inspection, then let us caution you about the cost of inaction. Assume that you did not seek professional help before purchasing a condo to either save money, or because you thought that there was simply no need. While also you may have assumed that the condo authorities will cover any expenses that may occur. A week into the purchase, you begin to notice that your toilet seat is loosening and is resulting in quite a leakage problem. Of course, the authorities have no concern with this detached toilet seat, or leakage problem for that matter. Ultimately, you end up covering the cost for this leakage problem only a week after you moved in. This problem could have easily been recognized by one of our professionals, and would have saved you both time and money. So, if you were skeptical about hiring our services for credible Suffolk and Nassau County condo inspections before, then we hope to have cleared all of your doubts about the need for a detailed inspection.

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