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"We loved our experience with John. He was extremely knowledgeable and took time to answer all our questions. We received our digital report in less than 24 hours. We would definitely recommend using him."
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Presale Inspections

Presale Inspector Queens

Are you planning to sell your home or buy a new one? Have you started a business and require a building or structure for this new venture? After visiting and scrutinizing it on your own, you have finalized your future pre-sale home inspections for either a resident or commercial building. But, you still have some doubts and perceptions regarding the health of the dwelling. You think that there may be some problems with it, which are invisible to your eye. At that instant, we come to your assistance.

At GMG Inspections, we believe that assets matter immensely, particularly in the buildings where we work and live for significant time periods of our life. They hold a lot of importance because since they are a testimony to our memories, they act as records of both our small and large, but valuable experiences. Before finalizing a building for your residence or business, it is highly recommended, or nearly essential, to get a pre-sale inspection report of the desired home, building or construction. Queens presale home inspections are provided by our exceptional team, as we thoroughly understand the value of living. During a pre-sales home inspection, both the identification of problems related to a property, and the conditions of a building, are analyzed to address any apparent loopholes or concerns. Queens presale home inspectors are sent by our company to ease the entire pre-sales inspection process for the citizens of this area. Due to the excellence, competency, and experience of staff, we have continuously distinguished ourselves as exemplary compared to others.

Presale Inspections

Long Island Presale Inspections

If you are a buyer or a seller from Long Island, we have good news for you. Long Island presale home inspections provided by our team adds value to your property. As it enhances credibility and trustworthiness to the seller, NY residents could best understand their property’s worth when they have a detailed home inspection assessment completed by an impartial third party.

We provide a comprehensive pre-sale home inspection assessment for your building, which is carried out by expert Nassau and Suffolk County home inspectors so that you can rest assured that your home or building is free of any faults, and is therefore, perfect for living. 

"John was able to do a home inspection on short notice. He was on time to the house, was extremely thorough, and provided great explanations throughout the inspection. He also makes every effort to get on the roof, and if he is unable to, he uses a drone to get a view of the roof. John provided the inspection report within 24 hours."
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A pre-sales inspection that is carried out by specified home inspectors Nassau County and Suffolk County residents trust helps you affirmatively know the actual condition of your house or building, so we help you identify any existing problems at that very instant to save you from any costs that might accumulate in the future. During the procedure, every aspect of the structure is assessed, including the plumbing system, electricity circulation mechanism, air-conditioning system, appliances, walls, roofs, windows, and all other articles intended to be sold with the structure.

Simply put, the final report by our home inspector Long Island residents trust covers the home or building’s critical examination. Along with the areas that require attention, the report would also specify recommendations for replacing those objects, or any appliances that require repair. With the services of qualified home inspectors Nassau County and Suffolk County residents trust, you would have a better knowledge regarding the actual worth and selling price for your property, along with all of the renovations and extra charges taken into consideration.

Queens and Long Island Home Inspection

We provide the best service on Long Island and Queens, so you can make the most informed decision for your family.

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