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"It was my first time buying a house and John did the inspection for me. He gave me a book that explained all the lingo and what to look for. He provided remedies on how to fix issues in the house and was able to help connect me with the right people to do the jobs. He inspected a second house for me as well! So timely to answer my messages and always answers my millions of questions. Highly recommend!"
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Colleen Conaty
Home Buyer Inspections

Home Inspector Suffolk County NY

Transitioning from renter to buyer can be both exhilarating and confusing. At GMG Inspections, we want to provide you with having the full scope of your largest life investment, buying your home, so we can eliminate those negative feelings of confusion, questionability, or indecisiveness. When we tell you to just leave it to the professionals, we mean that you leave it to us: the finest Suffolk county home inspectors in town.

Because we consistently aim to lessen your burden concerning the purchase of properties by fulfilling all of our responsibilities completely, we are proud of being known as the most reliable home inspector Suffolk County NY residents could ever wish for. To further elaborate, if you choose to hire us, we will provide you with our premium inspection services. These services include a thorough home inspection Suffolk County NY residents need. Our home inspections consist of examinations including the wall, roof, foundation, drainage, plumbing, basement, and more. By hiring us to conduct this inspection on your behalf, GMG Inspections will resolve many of your concerns and worries regarding your potential new home. So, apart from being your ally in home buying, we, the quality Suffolk County Home inspectors, are also your top stress alleviators.

Home Buyer Inspections

Home Inspection Nassau County

We also extend the services of home inspection Nassau County residents will appreciate. The traits that set us apart from other companies who offer the same services include our meticulously devised criteria to measure a property, as well as its current efficiency. We do not treat our clients as mere customers, but rather as friends we want to protect from making an undesirable decision. Wrong decisions in home purchasing are either a result of haste or a lack of guidance. This guidance to assure all of us who provide proficient home inspection Nassau County NY homeowners desire and services to ensure the elimination of hasty ill-informed decisions, including our utmost assurance of your own protection. When we say that we consider you as our friend, we do everything we possibly can to guide you through every aspect through a thorough examination, which we conduct to not only gain the buyer’s maximum satisfaction, but also ensure that they are happy with their decision.

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"I needed an inspection fast and John was able to accommodate me and did a thorough inspection. I felt very confident in going ahead with the deal. We have been in our home for a number of months and have had no surprises. Tx John. Excellent job."
affordable home and building inspections
Patrick Hackett

However, as we know that the decision might not always be in a client’s favor, we always try to warn them of possible expenses through our reports. No report can guarantee a successful or unfavorable future of the property, but since prevention is better than cure, our reports will help make up your mind soundly. Apart from this, our supply of timely reports is an additional feature that has enabled us to leave clients astonished with our services. When you choose to hire us, our team of certified professionals will do the same for you.

Queens and Long Island Home Inspection

We provide the best service on Long Island and Queens, so you can make the most informed decision for your family.

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