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"John completed a co-op unit inspection for me. He does a terrific job of being punctual, friendly, informative and thorough. His response time to scheduling the inspection and providing the report is very fast and detailed. I can not recommend GMG Inspections enough."
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Kristen Schutt
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As we all know, money is a well-established commodity that controls many of the decision making we do daily. For this reason, it is not surprising if, or when, an individual tries to find different methods to prevent any unnecessary expenditure, and essentially, safeguard their expenses as much as possible. Similarly, when potential condo buyers refrain from hiring a professional to conduct a co-op or condo inspection, they encounter the same financial situation.

Many people assume that home inspections are for single family house purchases and we often neglect those interested in buying or selling property within a co-op, townhouse or condo. Since condo inspection is a process that is different from home buyer inspection, people in most cases misunderstand it and what it means for your purchasing decisions.

Since a condo also has a homeowner’s association, buyers think that any issue that may arise will eventually be solved by this authority, but that is not always the case. Unfortunately, buyers who skip this basic inspection have to invest in additional costs after the initial purchase. Therefore, our status as one of the leading companies offering home inspections Queens residents assure is guaranteed speaks for itself. As professional Queens and Long Island condo inspectors, we can affirm that a condo inspection is just as necessary as a home inspection. A simple status certificate cannot serve as a substitute for a report crafted by a certified professional of qualified home inspections Queens condo buyers are grateful for.

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Our services comprising Suffolk County condo inspections are just as valued as our home inspection services. A certified professional will contemplate all of the relevant aspects and address any concerns pertaining condo purchases; therefore, some critical details that the client will most definitely overlook will be taken into account by our professionals.

If you happen to be a resident in Suffolk or Nassau County, we have good news for you: our team provides trusted Suffolk and Nassau County condo inspections that will provide any possible indications of a problem, and any such issues will be reported to the client as soon as it is identified. With our dependable Nassau County condo inspections, not only will the chances of future expenses be eliminated, but it will also help the client decide whether they want to continue with this purchase or not.

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"John was very thorough and professional during the inspection. He also provided helpful advice during the process, and my wife and I were impressed with his service. Further, he followed up with a comprehensive report very early the next morning which was important for our process. Thank you GMG Inspections!"
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Michael Kowalczuk

At this point, even if you remain unconvinced and question the need for a condo inspection, then let us caution you about the cost of inaction. Assume that you did not seek professional help before purchasing a condo to either save money, or because you thought that there was simply no need. While also you may have assumed that the condo authorities will cover any expenses that may occur. A week into the purchase, you begin to notice that your toilet seat is loosening and is resulting in quite a leakage problem. Of course, the authorities have no concern with this detached toilet seat, or leakage problem for that matter. Ultimately, you end up covering the cost for this leakage problem only a week after you moved in. This problem could have easily been recognized by one of our professionals, and would have saved you both time and money. So, if you were skeptical about hiring our services for credible Suffolk and Nassau County condo inspections before, then we hope to have cleared all of your doubts about the need for a detailed inspection.

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